Friday, February 18, 2011

Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

Schuyler Van Alen is a fifteen year old girl who feels out of place in a New york city private school. Her only true friend Oliver Hazard-Perry is someone she's known for a very long time. Mimi and Jack Force are the two most popular kids in school. Because of the things that are about to happen Schuyler is going to learn things about herslef she never knew.
Aggie Carondolet was found dead at the club they had all gone to that very night. Jack walks up to Schuyler to tell her what's going on for real. But, at first she doesn't believe any of it. Then, she gets invited to the meeting with some of the other kids. Here she learns many things about what she is, a blue blood, a vampire.
There is alos something out there that's killing them off. Schuyler wants to know what the truth is. It will take everything in her to do just that.
Oliver tells her that he's her protector. She is shocked at first by the news. Being that for awhile there they weren't talking. Oliver then take her to a place deep under the club to a library bigger then anything she had seen before. Oliver tells her that it stores all the books from thier history. They end up doing abunch of research into what's going on. But, they find out nothing useful yet.
Schuyler does learn about the silver bloods. They had been attacking them.
Over all, the book is good and worth reading. Like I've said plenty of times I don't give up the ending and this is also only the first book in this series. Well, I'm off to start my next book. Come check out my blog here and see what is added. Like, I said before, you never know what book is added next. Its a mystery.

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