Friday, May 13, 2011

Remember me by Christopher Pike

This is a three in one book. It has Remember me, The return and the last story, in it. Being that this is the first time I've read anything by this author was quite interested int he whole book.
Remember me- Shari Cooper was close to graduation and was heading over to a party with friends. Jo was one of them, Her boyfriend Daniel was another. Amanda was Shari's house keepers daughter and she invited herself to the party. Amanda at one time was seeing JImmy which is Shari's brother.
After arriving at Beth's house, which was who the party was for. Some things started to happen and Shari started to have a problem. But what she didn't know was that it was going to be her last night to be alive. She had gone out onto the balcony and was looking at the cities lights when she fell off and landed on her head. She pretty much was dead. But, something was different, she didn't know she was dead. It took her awhile to realize that.
Something inside of Shari told her that she was murdered and that she needed to find out who it was that did it. She met Peter who had died before her some years earlier and with him they set out to find out who killed her.
The Return- Jean Rodrigues is the same age Shari was. Jean also lived in another part of town that was rougher. She had a boyfriend Lenny that she didn't know whether she loved him or not. She was doing a certain drug and living a life that was different then what she really wanted. But, she didn't know it right off hand. She also didn't know that, that night she was going to almost die.
Shari and Peter were ghosts or whatever you wanted to call them. Shari had been talking to Rishi a guide or master. To her he was telling her things that right off the bat she didn't know if she understood.
She did know that she loved Peter and that she wanted to be with him. Shari was also told that she could return and take a body of this Jean for awhile. That she would do good things. It didn't accure to her that she would end up almost dying.
The Last story- Both Shari and Peter were back. Peter was in a wheelchair and could only do so much, but he loved Shari and Shari loved him. Because she had been writing she had become some what famous for it. She had plenty of money and there were some people that were wanting to make her books into movies. She didn't think much at first about it. She was also having really bad headaches.
She finally made a deal with one guy she met named Henry. He was going to make her one book First to die into a movie. They were picking people to act in the movie when a really cute guy came, his name was Roger. Something about him made Shari seem to lose herself. In the process she almost lost Peter.
This whole three in one book is actually really a good read. Makes you guess to what's going to happen next. Being that I don't give out endings to books. You'll just have to read the book to see what happens in the end. Its worthy of reading.
Well, I'm off to start another book. Keep coming back you never know a book could just catch your eye. Enjoy.

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