Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book of souls by Glenn Cooper

This is the first book by this new author that I have ever read. I'll tell you that when it comes to books and new authors, I never know how its going to be. But this book is worth picking up and reading. Its very will written and will hold your attention.
Will Piper is an ex-FBI agnet. He is retired and living with his wife Nancy and his baby boy. One night he decides to go for a run in the park and notices that he's being followed. He finally loses them and calls the police. The next night he's getting read to go out again and the same van is sitting right in front of his apartment building. He's not sure what the person or persons are wanting but, he decides to ignore them.
Henry Spence and his driver Kenyon have a story to tell him. It has to do with a book that they call the book of souls. It tells the death of everyone on the earth up to 2027. Henry wants to buy the book and have it brought to him. What Will doesn't realize is that he imbarks on something that could get everyone he loves put into danger. But, he agrees to help. Something inside of him tells him that he's just a little cerious.
Will doesn't know but he's being watched by watchers who also want the book and shall do whatever they can to get it. Will finds some kind of note or poem and Henry tells him to go to London and find out what it means. So, he goes and meets Isabelle Cantwell and her grandfather. She decides to help Will find out what the clues mean.
Things progress and the clues come up with information from the past, 1334 and 1527. What Will doesn't know is that he's put Isabelle and her grandfather in danger as will.
You'll have to read the book to find out how it ends. I'll tell you this. Its good. Well, now I'm off to start my next book. Enjoy your reading. Come back and see what I add next.

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