Sunday, May 8, 2011

Heartsick by Chelsea Cain

Archie Sheridan is a cop in the Portland Oregon police force. He had been working on the serial killings that had been going on for ten years now. He knew he was getting close tell the day he decided to pay a little visit to Gretchen Lowell's house. She didn't seem the type to be a serial killer but, he was surprised to find out that that was what she was.
She kidnapped him, torcherd him tell he begged her to kill him. All the things she had put him through was so painful. The drugs she gave him kept stoned for most of the time. She would express that she loved him that she was in control of everything and that sooner or later she would kill him. It was her way of controling him and after she did the one thing he didn't exspect and that was to call 911.
It took him a long time to recover and he now had know choice but to take drugs to ease the pain. Then, one day his friend Henry came by to ask him if he'd like to come back to work and help the solve the murders that were happening. At first he wasn't sure it would be a good idea and Henry did tell him that he'd be watching him the whole time.
Susan Ward was a reporter for one of the newspaper and was asked to write a story about Archie Sheridan. Because of what he had been through she was told to write about him and the things that had gone on with him and Gretchen Lowell.
The murders going on in town was going to be Archie and Susan working together and she was going to turn the stories she was writing into the best writing she's ever done. The cops had her come with them while they did their talking to every person they could. Too, much was going on around town that the cops had no choice but to solve this quickly.
Archie though was making trips to the prison to see Gretchen. He would never come straight out and tell anyone what was really going on with him. Because of all that she had put him through he and Gretchen had a strange relationship. She knew how to get to him she also knew how to still control certain things in his life still. Over all, he needed to pull away from her and some how something was going to have to happen to do that.
By the end of the book you find out who the murderer is. You also find out a little more about Gretchen's and Archie's relationship. This is just the first book in this series and will worth the read.
Well, I'm off the start my next book now. Remember a good book is hard to put down and even harder to forget after you finish it. Enjoy a good book, you may surprise yourself in how picking up a book could had some flair to some free time.

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