Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Girl with the dragon tattoo by Stieg Larrson

The book is set in the Sweden, many things in the book will pull you in and grab you. There is plenty of things going on in the book.

One: Mikael Blomkvist is one of the main charaters. He gets roped into helping out a rich old guy in trying to find his neice. The older guy lets him have the run of things and ends up having problems with his family. In the long run things get out of hand. His life ends up in danger.

Two: Lisbeth Salander ends up helping Mikael with his work. She has her own problems to deal with. The main one is falling in love with Mikael. Finding out that he doesn't feel the same in the long run just makes it harder for her to deal with her own feelings. She does end up saving Mikael's life in the end.

In the end they find the neice and she had changed who she was to protect herself from all the things that went on when she was younger.

Over all this book to me is worth picking up and reading. It did take me a few chapters to get into it, but it was worth my while to continue to read it. Pick up the book, from one reader to another, you'll like it. You'll learn something about another country as will as fall in love with the charaters in it. Wanting to know how the book ends once your into it.

I'm not going to say anything bad about this book. I will say there are things in it that may not be nice to read and the language is sort of hard for some. It will still be worth while.


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