Friday, August 27, 2010

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

The second in the Twilight series and things end up not being good on Bella. The Cullens through Bella a birthday party and she ends up cutting her finger and Jasper ends up trying to hurt her. In the process of what happened at the party, Edward ends up making a decision to leave. He ends up leaving town and the rest of the Cullens went with.

She becomes depressed and after a little time going by, Jacob comes by and she starts to become better. Jacob becomes a good friend with her. In the process, Bella finds outs that Jacob is a werewolf. Having to keep secrets is getting harder on Bella.

As time goes by Alice comes by to see Bella and in that amount of time Bella finds out from Alice that Edward thinks she's dead. So, he decided to expose himself so he can die too. So, Bella and Alice goes after him.

When you care about someone, mostly you'd do anything you can to help them. Edward feels bad about having to leave.

The movie will be out this Friday. I will be planning to go see the movie. I'm just hoping that the movie is going to be better then the first one was. I'll write and telling you all how I thought the movie was.

If you haven't read the book, read it. Its a little slow in parts. But, over all its worth reading.

When it comes to book vs movie, I've always felt that the book is better and the movie made from this book is know different. Over all, the book is written for teens and the author has written it to catch your eye. The book is as good as its going to get, no more.

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