Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

When you lose the one that you love and he gives you to gifts in return. Should you begin a new life afterwards. Well, Julie Barenson gets a great dane puppy and it becomes one very special dog. She never suspected the her dog Singer would be her life saver.

Four years pass, and she's become good friends with Mike Harris. She doesn't find out how much he cares for her tell after she stops dating a guy named Richard Franklin.

She thinks he's a nice guy, but as time goes on things start to feel strange to her. He becomes possive of her. She quits seeing him and start seeing Mike. When she realizes that she's in love with him, Richard starts doing things that make her life become very much in danger.

She tries to go hide and Richard finds her and tries to kill her. The one thing she never thought would happen does and her life is saved.

Its a good book, worth picking up and trying. If you haven't read any of Nicholas Sparks books yet. Then, this one would be a great starter for you.

Like, I've said before in another blog, read different authors, open your mind to new stories and ideas, places and what ever your mind might not even imagine could happen.

Please remember to keep coming back to read and see what other books I've read and written about on here. Now, I'm off to start another book.

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