Monday, August 30, 2010

Wicked by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie

This is the fifth book in the series wicked. Its not as good as the other four. But, it gives you the best ending they can for the series. Its a little slow read. The series about mostly about witches and the lives they had tried to live but things ended up getting in the way.

Two sisters and thier cousin end up fighting evil and also end up being captives of evil warlocks. People from other covens end up trying thier best to help them. In the process of winning or thinking that they have won, they meet and fall in love with the son of one of the evil guys that tries to wipe them off the planet. It doesn't work out and the son ends up becoming a monster inside and out.

Holly, one of those good witches is the one that falls in love with Jer, one of the bad ones. He doesn't like what he's feeling and tries to fight it. With his looks, he's afraid that she'll never love him because of what he looks like and leaves for awhile.

Holly has to try and save the world from the new evil that is coming and ends up becoming something even she didn't know would change the rest of her life. She argues over the problem and says that she owesher family and friends. At the end she does have a great happy ending.

When it comes to some books that i read if it isn't good usely I wouldn't write about it. But I've decided that if I've read the book all the way through then its worth writing about anyways. I'm not saying don't read it. But, you should read the first four books first. Its imprtant, I have always felt, that people who read like me, try different authors. But, I will say too, never read something that your bored with or you just can't get into. Some books aren't worth your time if it takes you over half the book to even get into it.

I don't have the other four books to this series. I've read them but, not in quite awhile. If your interested in wanting to know more about the series the other four books are actually better then this one.

Sure, I try new books all the time. Some authors I read more books by them. Partly just to find out what else they write.

Enjoy your reading, keep coming back and check out this blog. Never know You might find a book you have never thought you'd like and might want to pick it up. Tell next time....hope you have good reading.

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