Saturday, August 21, 2010

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Moving in with her dad, Bella didn't think it would change her life. Then, she saw him, Edward. She didn't know that knowing him was going to change her life.

She didn't know that finding out who he was could be so dangerous to her life. Him being a vampire and knowing that he's going to live forever just brought thoughts of not wanting to stay human.

Falling in love with a vampire, for her seemed normal. Being that she had never been in love before. Finding out that he had been searching for her, his soulmate, not knowing that he would do anything to protect her, would cause him such pain.

Edward, not wanting to do anything to change who she is, only made it harder on her, because that's what she wanted.

The book has its good points and bad points. Its a pretty good read. Not the best book I've read yet. But, its worth trying and seeing what you think. It's been on the shelves at bookstores for awhile. Try it, you may just find you enjoyed it more then you thought.

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