Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kissed by an angel by Elizabeth Chandler

This is a three in one book. It has Kissed by an angel, The power of love and Soulmates.

Ivy believes in angels and has been collecting them for awhile. She falls in love with Tristan and had been with him with an accident ends up happen and he dies. Ivy is very sad and ends up not believing in angels again. She doesn't know that Tristan has come back as an angel.

Her mom ends up marrying someone that has a son by the name of Gregory. Gregory isn't what he seems and Ivy doesn't realize it for quite awhile.

Tristan meets an unlikely angel named Lacey and she decides to help him out. He still loves Ivy and wants to keep her safe. Philip is Ivy's little brother and most of those angels she had went to him.

Gregory becomes good friends with Ivy and wants more then she's able to give him. He becomes jealous of her. In the end Tristan knows that he need to do what ever he can to protect Ivy from Gregory.

She's still in love with Tristan tell she meets Erik. Erik tries to do his best just to be her friend but would love for it to be more.

This is a cute book. A little slow at first but as you continue to read it, it picks up and you want to find out how it ends. So, go out and get the book. Open up your mind and read it. You might just be pleasantly surprised by the ending.

Well, off to start another book. Keep coming back. Like I said before, you never know what will be added next.
Tell we meet again, stick your nose in a good book.

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