Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Night world #2 by L. J. Smith

A 3 in 1 book worth reading.
Dark Angel--- Gillian Lennox was walking home from school one day, it was cold and snow was on the ground. She heard in the distance a voice screaming and thought that it was a kid drowning in the small river that was through the trees. What she didn't know was that it was something all together different. It was an angel but not a good one. It saved her from almost drowning in the river. Her thoughts were that she was happy she met that angel tell things started to happen.
    It took her time to figure out that she needed to do something about that angel. Things that it told her to do were not all the good.
     The Chosen--- When Rachel was a little kid she saw her whole family get murdered by a vampire. So when she got older she became a vampire hunter. That's when day her and some other vampire hunters meet a vampire named Quinn and end up tying him up. He talks to Rachel trying to tell her to go ahead and kill him. But something inside Rachel ends up letting him go. She sort of feels a strange connection to him.
    Her other vampire hunters don't trust her any more because of it.
    A few days later she ends up watching a site happen right in front of her. She saves this girl by the name of Daphne. Finding out some information and getting herself taken to an island. Quinn is there and at first doesn't know who she is.
    Things end up happening and in the end they end up together.
    Soulmate---- Hannah Snow knew that was something about her that she didn't understand. She also knew that something or someone was trying to kill her. With the help from a doctor she's been seeing she has regression theropy done and learns that she's lived many other different lifes. She also knows that there was more to that. She needed some answers tell one day a vampire by the name of Thierry comes and sees her.
    Hannah finds out about the night world and decides to go looking for Thierry. An evil vampire comes calling as will her name is Maya. She tells Hannah that this Thierry is a bad vampire and to stay away from him. Because of that he leaves because he tells him to. She goes looking for him.
    Maya kidnaps her after finding her where Thierry is and meets other vampires and night people hiding out for protection. Because in the night world vampires and other kinds that live in it aren't surposed to fall in love with humans.
    That doesn't stop Hannah from finding out the truth about her and Thierry and she knows deep down that they are surposed to be together.
    This book and the first one are a great read. Pick them up and you'll like them just as much as I have. L.J. Smith is a great writer.
    Tell next time, continue to pick up these and other great books and read, read, read.

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