Monday, September 20, 2010

Dark Visions by L. J. Smith

A 3 in 1 book.

Kaitlyn has been trying to deal with her life at school and the abilities that she has. She gets called to the office to be interduced to Joyce Piper. She's from the Zetes foundation and there will be a few other kids there as will.     Once at the new house she meets Lewis Chao, He had been taking pictures. She meets Anna Eve Whiteraven they talk about the different thing they are able to do. Anna can speak with animals, Lewis has pschokinesis or PK for short. With Kaitlyn she draws pictures of things that are going to happen. Next, she meets Rob Kessler he can heal someone with his touch.
    They end up meeting Mr. Zetes the founder of thier project. Then, she meets Gabriel Wolfe.A guy with a bad attitude.
    As time goes on they start thier training in trying to use thier powers. See, if they stay there for a year they each get a good sum of money to use for college.
    Kaitlyn finds out that Mr. Zetes is crazy and has his own plans for them and thier powers. One night when she was alone she finds out that theres is a place that she needs to go. Like, something is calling her.
    So, Anna, Lewis, Rob Gabriel and her runaway from the house. She knows that when it comes to Gabriel theres something about him that she needs to be careful about. Tell one night she couldn't sleep and catches him taking energy from someone else and tells him that he can use her instead. Gabriel can kill someone if he takes it from someone that's weaker then him.
    Along the way, they end up meeting Mr. Zetes daughter who ran away from home. But, because of thier search they do end up finding these people but they can't help them. The only way that things could get back to normal is to face Mr. Zetes again.
    The whole book, the three, are worth reading so you can find out what really happens to them and the things that Kaitlyn has to face danger, choose who she really cares for and loves in the end. Everything is here for a good book and worth picking up and reading.
    Well, I'm off to start another book. Keep coming back, you never know what I'll add next. Remember to read a good book as often as you can.

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