Friday, September 17, 2010

Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown

 Britt Shelley wakes up in bed nude with detective Jay Burges laying next to her. What she doesn't know right off is that he's dead. How and why it ended up that way she can't remember. She calls 911 and the cops show up. She tries to explain it to them that she can't remember. But, they don't believe her.
     Raley Gannon ends up kidnapping her to get information from her about what happened to her. But, because she doesn't remember anything she can't tell him nothing. She isn't to happy about being kidnapped. She knows who he is and knows that he lost his job because of the same thing happened to him.
     He decides to let her go. Driving back to her car and dropping her off as she leaves and Raley takes off heading back home he gets this feeling that something is wrong. So, he turns around and go after her. He at one time was a fireman and investagator. So, when he notices from a distance that her car had gone off the road and into the river. He had no choice but to dive in and save her.
     They both realize that theres something big going on and they decide to work together. But, what Raley never exspected to happen ends up happening. He starts to care about her. He also knows that if they continue to go the way they are going thier lives could end up in grave danger.
    The whole book is worth reading. It will grab you from the first chapter and make you want to continue to read it. The ending will surprise you. You'll like it.
    So, pick it up and read the book. You won't want to put it down tell you reach the end.
     Well, tell we meet again, enjoy your reading.

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