Sunday, November 21, 2010

The girl on Legare street by Karen White

From the beginning to the end of this book, you will want to know what is going to happen next. It is a very will written booka and the story will catch you right from page one.
   Melanie Middleton is a realtor and has owned her own house since it was given to her. She decided to have a lot of work done to it so, she hired her best friend Sophie Wallen to help her out. They have known each other for a long time and Melanie thought of Sophie as her bestfriend.
   Then, there is Jack Trenholm someone that she has a hard time dealing with. She doesn't realize that there's more there between them then she knows. He's working on writing a book about her and the problems she had when she came to inharrit the house she now calls her own. Jack has been in and out of her life and now there seems to be something more to his wanting to talk to her this time.
   He tells her that he wants her to meet a Rebecca Edgerton. She's a reporter for one of the newspaper in town. She wants to do a story on her mother.
   When it comes to Melanie's mother that she hadn't seen for over 30 years. To Melanie, she wants nothing to do with her.
    Her mother is in town and the reason she came back was to tell Melanie that she's in danger of the unknown. There is a spirit in her grandmothers house that wants to harm her. Melanie's mother tells her that she's there to help her.
   Things in the story move forward and it gets real interesting. You can look at the story as a ghost and mystery all rolled into one. And yes, I said ghosts. This story is will worth picking up and reading. It is also the sequal to The ouse on Tradd street. No, I haven't read it yet and I do plan on picking it up.
   If you like a good ghost story and a will written book then you should read this one. Well, now I'm off to read the next book. Keep coming back and see what I read next and how I feel about the book.

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