Saturday, November 13, 2010

Need by Carrie Jones

 This new book by an author that I have never read before is quite interesting. It's another kind of supernatural novel. It's about pixies. If you have every read anything about them, they are ugly creatures and very powerful.
   The main charater is Zara White a teenage girl the has lost her father from him having a heartache. When she gets sent to Maine to stay with her grandma she has know idea that the pixie king is after her tell the day she arrives. Her grandma tries to explain that she will be safe where she is. But, is she really?
   One of Zara favorite things is reciting phobias. For Zara going to a new school in a new start and town can bring some headaches upon her. Then, she meets Nick Colt, a handsome young guy. As her first day goes on, she meets Issie and Devyn. She also meets another guy named Ian. He seemed nice enough.
    The pixie king has been showing up where Zara can see her. With Issie's and Devyn's help they find out the truth about pixies and what they are and can do. Then, zara also finds out what Nick is. He's called a were or better called a werewolf. He gets hurt and Zara does everything she can to help him out. Then, Nick and her start to become boyfriend and girlfriend.
   Zara ends up getting kidnapped by Ian, which she finds out is a pixie and wants to turn her into one. What she didn't know was that her real father is the pixie king. Her mother ends up coming to town. She had decided to protect her daughter by giving herself to the pixie king.
   I'm not going to spoil the end for you though. You will need to read the book to find out what happens. This is the first book in a series. So, some time later on after I've read a few other books I'll read the next one.
   This book is different then most and at first I didn't know if I would like it or not. I got so far into it I just had to know how it ended. So, pick it up, read it if you want to know the ending.
   Well, now I'm off to start another book. Hope you have been enjoying reading my posts. I've now only been posting books on here every four days now. I've been busy with dealing with other things. But, I'm still reading. Enjoy a good book on me.  

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  1. I love books that have fairies and such. This book kept my attention and there were quite a few surprise that I wasn't expecting, but enjoyed. The author did a good job at making her characters have some depth and Zara was likeable. I liked the whole phobia; it made good chapter headings. There were a few times where I was confused by which father Zara meant, but other than that this is a fun, fast read, and with a nice touch of romance.