Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Vampire Diaries # 2 by L. J. Smith

 This is the third and the fourth books in the vampire diaries series and I have to tell you the I couldn't put the book down. Its 2 in 1 book. As the last book was the first and second. Where that one ended, it was when Elena was found dead pretty much from her car going into the river. Stefan tried to do what he could to save her but, to him there wasn't any chance.
   As the third book, the fury starts, Stefan and Damon are fighting and to both of thier surprise they get stopped by her. But, she ends up attacking Stefan. she had become one of them, a vampire. Too the amusement of both of the guys they both thought she was dead.
   Something in Fell's Church is killing people again. And it's up to Elena, Stefan and her to friends Bonnie and Meredith to figure out what it is. But, first Elena needs blood and rest. Stefan takes her back to the school and talks Matt into helping her out.
   It takes them time to figure out what is really going on. And to thier surprise, Stefan and Damon end up with one huge surprise. The one person that turned them is still alive, Katherine and she wants revenge. But, to Elena that isn't going to happen. She stops Katherine but ends up dying herself.
   Stefan and Damon leave Fell's church.
   The fourth book, Dark return, starts with some interesting things happening. There is something evil in town still. For some reason Bonnie's powers have gotten stronger and she can sense things.
   She has been dreaming of Elena and she has found out that the evil in town aren't going to be going anywhere. She needs to call Stefan back to fell's Church because she knows that he can help them.
   The evil in town is taking lives one by one. And she knows that if it isn't stopped some how everyone will just be dead. When Stefan comes back he ends up coming back with his brother Damon.
   I'm not willing to give away any more about what happens. But I will say that Stefan has a very hard time living his life without Elena in it. In the end of the book, you'll want to read it, its worth it. You won't want to put it down tell you find out what is really going to happen. I'll just say, pick it up if you haven't already and read it. It will surprise you, I promise you that.

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