Monday, November 29, 2010

hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Well, before I tell you about this book. I have to say that this book surprised me. I wasn't sure what it would be like even thought that cover gave it away some.
   Nora Grey is in tenth grade and has not interest what so ever in boys. Vee is her bestfriend and they do about everything together. But, when he shows up in her biology class, Nora doesn't know what to make of him. His name is Patch and there is something different about him.
   What Nora doesn't realize is that someone is trying to kill her. She has one run in with who it is, when she hits him with her friends car. But, he just gets up and leaves. Nora ends up back at her friends Vee's house.
   One day at school she meets Elliot. He seems nice tell certain things don't quite make any sense to her. At first she starts to think that Patch is trying to hurt her. But, he keeps telling her that its not him. Elliot's friend Jules hardly spends time with them. They have ment a few times at a restraunt for dinner and Patch was working.
    Finally, Nora does some online searching and finds out about falling angels. She finds out that Patch is a fallen angel. End the end she finds out the truth about who is trying to kill her.
    Over all, this wasn't a bad read. I liked it. As with all the books I read and add on here. It's totally up to you on whether you will read them or if you already have, that's fine too. Now, I'm on to my next book. Like I said before, come back often and see what my next book is.
  Each book added to my blog here I have read. It takes me time to read each book as my day is busy with other things. I will be adding books every so many days as I get them done. Come back and check out what new books I've read. Well, now its time to start my next book. Enjoy a good book, because I know I do.

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