Monday, November 1, 2010

Untamed by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

This is the fourth book in the house of night series. I will have to say if you haven't read the others yet. You'll want to because this one as of yet is really good. It will grab you from the start and hang on to you tell you reach the last page.
   Zoey Redbird is a fairly new vampyre fledgling in the house of night. She has to deal with so many things that it becomes very over whelming to her. Her friends have lost some of the trust they had in her because she couldn't tell them the truth about everything that she knew about. It takes her some time to finally get them to see why.
   In the book she meets a new guy by the name of Stark. She finds out that her has a very special ability to shoot a bow and arrow and not miss the target. She barely knows him and she feels something strong inside of herself concerning Stark. But, he ends up dying. She tells him a truth about the possiblity of him coming back to life, like the red fledglings did. Zoey doesn't know what will happen concerning him.
  Zoey also knows that Neferet is evil and has turned away from Nyx. But, she doesn't know how badly it will change things. Zoey calls her grandma and tells her about what's going on and invites her to come stay at the school. Zoey also meets a nun and tells her of the evil that is coming. Zoey knows that she can trust the nun. She doesn't think that she can provent what is going to end up happening.
   So, I will say, this book is so good I had to finish it just to see what happens. Pick it up, I promise you'll like it. It's worth reading.
   Well, I'm off to start another book. Please, keep coming back and see what I've been reading. Each book so far is very worth the read.

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