Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Your heart belongs to me by Dean Koontz

I haven't read to many of Dean Koontz books lately and decided to pick up this book to see how it was. Well, it's not to bad. Its a little slow but over all it wasn't to bad.
   Ryan Perry is a wealthy guy in in love with a lady named Samantha. For him life seemed easy without any worry about about money. He finds out that he's sick but right off hand he doesn't think about how serious it is.
   His fear turns into visions of some sort that are trying to tell him something. At first he thinks that someone is trying to poison him. But, later on, he finds out that he has a heart condition that he will have to have a heart transplant.
   He finds a doctor on the internet and goes and talks to him. After having more tests done and waiting about a month. A heart is found. He flies to where it is and has his heart transplant.
What he doesn't know it that someone has found out everything about him. This person is leaving gifts behind and getting into his house some how. He doesn't know who it is.
    By the end of the book you will find out who it is that wants Ryan dead. What becomes of him.
   Well, I'm off to start another book. I hope you will read this one. Its pretty good but, not that best. Dean Koontz can be a great writer and being that he has been writing books for years now. But, you need to remember that not every book can be as good as other books.

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