Friday, November 5, 2010

The Girl who played with fire by Stieg Larsson

 Wow, if I thought that the first book was good this was is a whole lot better. Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander are back. And hell breaks out. Salander is accused of three murders and ends up in hinding. She has to figure out what is going on.
   But, before all the happens she had come into a very large sum of money. Salander is very good with computers and to her she became fasinated with math. She traveled around the world for over a year and ended up back at home finally. With the money she buys herself a new place to live. Meets up with her friend Mimmie again and starts sleeping with her for awhile.
   Salander never thought that helping out her friend would cause her friend almost to lose her life. But, it did. Mikael has two friends the end up getting murdered and Salander is accused of it. Some how, deep down inside he doesn't believe that she did it. So, he does everything in his power to try and find out what really happened.
   The book takes you through everything that he does to find out the truth. You find out the truth about who Salander really is. Its a great story to read and worth picking up after you have read the first one. The girl with the dragon tattoo.
   Read the first book then read this one and you will want to read the third one when it comes out. I promise it's worth it.
   Well, I'm off to start another book. Note to my readers, I'm taking an extra day now to post because some of the books are taking me a little longer to read. So, bare with me. Each book will be worth your time as they are worth mine.

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