Saturday, October 23, 2010

Living dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

This is the second book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. If you've read the first one and thought it was good, this one is better. Sookie gets talked into going to Dallas with Bill. But, things start to happen between her and the Dallas vampires. Thier leader Stan is nothing quite like any vampire Sookie has ever ment.
  She was brought in to help the find another vampire that went missing and in the process Sookies almost ends up getting raped and part of this evil like fellowship that believes the vampires all need to die and go to God.
  Eric is there and his intensions are more up front then before. He wants Sookie for himself. Maybe he will end up with her or maybe not. Bill shows that he's just likethe other vampires. But, because he can sence what Sookie is feeling he and her end up making love.
  The book is full af action and worth reading.
  Don't forget to check out my other posts of books I've read. I'me working on a goal of reading 100 books and you never know I might just get more read then that. Will see how I do as time goes by.
  Well, now I'm off to start another book. Always remember to read a good book, you never know what kind of books you'd like. There are so many books out there. The more to choose from, the more you might enjoy reading.

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