Monday, October 11, 2010

Unspeakable by Sandra Brown

 For an author to me this book is one of her best. It grabs you from the start and holds you in it tell you get to the end.
    Anna couldn't hear because she's deaf. She was born that way. She live's with her husbands father, which is her father-in-law. Delray was a stern man. He didn't care about the things people said about him. Anna's son David was five years old and seemed to be full of spirit which drove his grandfather crazy.
   The day the orange truck pulled into the driveway and Jack stepped out was the day that Anna's life was going to change. Whether for good or not. Jack needed a job and didn't ask for much. He wasn't to happy being where he was but he knew that he had not to much of a choice.
    Carl and Myron had escaped from prison and were on a killing spree. Carl wanted revenge for the reaso he spent 20 years in prision and knowing he wa going to get it. Carl was a crewl man and didn't care about anything o anyone. His brother Cecil was doing his best to deal with the tings he needed to do. What no one knew was that he was going to be helping his brother out.
    Things end up happening in the story as it goes by. You will find out what Jack is hiding. That he falls for Anna not thinking that she would except him for what he has done in his past. I guess you can say that if you love someone you take the good with the bad.
    Because of Delray's death, Carl not believing his brother. He wonders onto his step-daddy's property not thinking that what his brother told him was true and falls into a bunch of trouble. Jack ends up saving the day. Ends up spelling the beans about the truth of his past.
    Pick up this book, you will enjoy it from the first page to the last page. And remember a good book is worth the amount of money you spend for it, just to get into it and not wan to put it down tell its finished. Sometimes your not happy when you finish it because it was that good. But, you never know, the next book could be just as good or better.
    Well, off to start another book. Remember to keep coming back to see what my next book will be.

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