Friday, October 29, 2010

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

This is the second book to the darkest powers series.  Kelley Armstrong is an amazing writer. This second book has kept my interest through out it. From page one to the last page.
   Chloe is the girl that can summon spirits from the dead. She still doesn't understand everything she can do. But, getting caught and brought to a clinic like setting doesn't help her out much. She'd been locked in a room for most of the night. After a short time while she's awake she see's her friend Liz. She is dead and a ghost and only Chloe can talk to her.
   She meets Dr. Davidoff. He tries to be nice to her but all Chloe wants to do is find a way to exscape. She needs to find the boys again. Derek and Simon are brothers and Derek is a werewolf. He is going through the change but hasn't turned yet.
  Tori is one of the other girls that was at the house and a huge complainer. She found out from Tori that Rae is the one that turned them all in when they were going to exscape.
  Because Dr. Davidoff wants the boys back. He tries to get Chloe to tell them where they are. Chloe knows that if she tells the truth the boys would be in a lot of trouble. Or a good chance of being dead.
  In  the long run they end up, her and Tori exscaping them. They meet up with the boys and thier life on the run begins. The boys are wanting to find thier father but thier not sure where he is. They decide to look for his friend Andrew and try thier hardest to get to where they know he is. But, many things happen and Simon and Tori end up going alone while Derek and Chloe end up having problems on thier own.
   Because of Derek's changing, they end up in some dangerous spots on thier way to meet up with Simon and Tori.
   To really know what all happens with them, you will need to get the book and read it. Now, I can't wait for the third one to come out. Its worth reading. Its very good.
   Well, tell next time we meet. Keep on enjoying those good books and maybe you might want to try one of the ones I've written about on here. Reading takes away a little bit of what a dull day can be and takes you to a whole new world that the author puts on paper. Read the first book if you haven't already, then pick up this one. I'm now off to start my next book. Hope you have been enjoying my book blog. Keep coming back to see what I add next.

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