Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Night world # 3 by L.J.Smith

This is a three in one book. Book one is called, Huntress.
  Jez is a hunter and she's been fighting the evil that has been going on in her city for some time. She's only seventeen and very good at her job. But, the last fight has shaken her and she decides to run away from what she'd known for along time. There s one other thing about her, She's half vampire an half human. Too, her friends she would be considered as something they would kill.
  Hugh is a friend of hers now. And has been a witch for awhile. He explains to Jez that with the millennium coming there is going to be people out there willing to do anything to find the wild powers. He tells he that there are going to be four of them all together. At first she doesn't quite understand. Then, as time goes on. She finds out that she is onw of those wild powers.
  She decides to go back to face her old gang. Morgead is now the leader. As time goes on, both Jez and Morgead find out that thier soulmates. At first Jez is scared then later it changes. She tells the truth. They fight the dark half of night world together and end up falling even more in love.
  Book two is called, Black Dawn
  Maggie gets woke up from screaming coming from downstairs and runs down to find out what's going on. As she over hear, Her brother Miles has disappeared or is dead. She doesn't believe it and listening to what is being said. She desides to go after Miles's girlfriend to find out. Not knowin what she's getting herself into she ends up passed out and waking up in a cart with three other girls.
  Jeanne one of the girls in the cart with her is explaining that they are going to become slaves to the night world castle. A place that is not a place where anyone would want to go. Three girls in the cart begin to find a way to excape and end up running away. Maggie meets Gavin and he saves her life and her friend Cady.
  Then, something surprising happens. She and Gavin find out that they are soulmates. At first Gavin doesn't want anything o do with it or her. She knows that Cady needs help. And the sooner the better. Bad things end up happening.
 Book three is called, Witchlight
  Keller is a shapeshifter and out to find the wild power. She knows who it is. Her name is Iliana and at first she fights the whole idea. Keller meets Galen and something ends up happening between her and him. They find out that they are soulmates. But Keller can't have it that way.
  With what she knows that is surposed to happen. Keller and her friends find out that a dragon has been awoken. The only way for Iliana to survive is for them to kill it. It will take something very powerful to do so. Iliana doesn't believe that she is the wild power. Things end up happening that shows her that she is.
  These three books in one are really good and worth reading. If your into the supernatural then You'll want to pick this book up. I have to say that L.J. Smith is a great writer and worthy of reading. A story teller that grabs you and pulls you in. She's got one more book in this series that I will wait tell it comes out. I'm wanting to know what is going to happen and how this is going to end.
  Pick up the book if you haven't read it yet. Pick up the other two as will. You'll enjoy them.
 Continue to read a good back and maybe you might just want to try one of the ones I've been reading as will. Remember to read my other reviews on the other books I've listed here.
  Well, I'm off to read another book. So far, I hope you've at least tried to read one or two of the books I've read and wrote about.

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